Thuli Tour Portable Tafel

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Thuli Tour Portable Tafel
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Thuli Tour, The world's finest portable chiropractic table

Standard headpiece includes flexion, extension, elevation, straight drop and forward motion drop. Thoracic, pelvic and caudal drops are optional. Locking ankle rest extension is standard Sets up in 1-2 minutes. Still the standard for excellence since we first introduced our portable table in 1982, our unsurpassed design and quality craftsmanship have withstood rigorous usage by thousands of students and chiropractors worldwide.

The handsome oak wood frame provides rugged stability for even your largest patients and under the toughest conditions, while the topstitched upholstery gives the Thuli Tour a tailored elegance. Multiple standard and optional features accommodate any adjusting technique.


  • Make transport easier by using our customized Folding Pull Cart.
  • You can also split the table into two equally weighing halves if you prefer to carry them symmetrically balanced.
  • A Protective Cover is available to keep your table clean and free of scuffs during transport.
  • A Heavy-duty Travel Case is available for airline travel.

Tour Configurations:

  • Tour 1100 Standard headpiece, ankle rest extension
  • Tour 1200 Standard headpiece, ankle rest extension, pelvic drop
  • Tour 1300 Standard headpiece, ankle rest extension, pelvic drop, thoracic drop/incline
  • Tour 1400 Standard headpiece, ankle rest extension, pelvic drop, thoracic drop/incline, Caudal Drop

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