Anatomical Products

Alle grote merken op gebied van anatomische producten verkrijgbaar bij Mullersport.


375 resultaten - huidige 1 to 21.
Academic LxH Dynamic Disc Model
Subluxation Degeneration Model
EZ wounds – Casualty simulation set for standardized patients
EZ wounds – professional wound simulation set
EZ wounds – Casualty simulation set basic
Demonstration figure correct and wrong lifting
Feline Pelvis
Canine Parasites
Canine Skin with flea
Canine knee with disease stages
Guinea pig skull with changeable, pathological jaw
Chinchilla Skull with pathology, 2-times life size
Hoof Capsule
Horse foot, flexible
Replacement lungs, pack of 24 pcs for VET4100 and VET4110
IM & SubQ Injection Pad
Replacement lungs, 24 pcs pack for VET4000, VET4010 and VET4020
Guinea pig skull in plastic block
Cat skull in plastic block
Dog Skull, big size