Anatomical Models

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Baby Umbi umbilical catheterization trainer
Prestan Family Pack
Prestan Collection
Prestan CPR Torso with indicating function, 4-pack
Prestan Ultralite Manikin, set of 4
Postpartum episiotomy suture trainer for R17860
Birthing Mechanism for R17840
Labor Delivery Module for R17840
Articulating Newborn for Leopold Maneuvers for R17840
Nursing Newborn
Advanced IV Training arm for R17600
Dental Manikin Bench Mount
Insert with polyps for R16240
Insert with cancer B for R16240
Insert with cancer A for R16240
Insert with normal anatomy for R16240
Strap-On venipuncture simulator
Male genital for R16228
Grey wig for R16228
Pitting Edema Model