Baby & Child Dolls

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External stoma sites with internal tanks for R17720
Intraosseous infusion system for R17720
Site Specific Heart and Lung Sounds kit with Stethoscope for R17720
Training arm and hand for i.v., i.m. and subcutaneous access for R17720
Five Year Pediatric Care Simulator
External stoma sites for R17710
Intraosseous infusion system for R17710
Site specific heart and lung sounds for R17710
Injection training arm for R17710
One Year Pediatric Care Simulator
Temporal Venous Access Sites for R17700
Umbillical catheterisation for R17700
Stoma sites with reservoirs for R17700
Intraosseous Leg for R17700
Injection Training arm for R17700
Nursing Newborn
Pediatric Patient care doll
Bathing Baby, female
Bathing Baby, male
Bathing Babys, male and female
LLEAP License for SimPad PLUS