Organs & Structures

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Finger Goniometer, plastic
Goniometer, plastic
Internal Organs, 2-part
Intestinal Villi, 100 times life-size
Demonstration figure correct and wrong lifting
Transparent reproduction of a real human heart with hollow Coronaries
Transparent reproduction of a real human heart
Dental Morphology Series, 7-part, 10 times life-size
Eyeball with Functional Lens, 6-times full-size, 5-part
Regional Brain, 4-part, 2 times life size
Lung cancer comparison model
Lung cancer model
Smokers Lung Model
Lung Demonstration Model
Obesity / Body types
Back Muscle Model, 4-part
Hand anatomy structure model
Foot replica for nursing practice
Osteoarthritis (OA) Hand
Miniature feet set
Hollow foot, pes cavus