Anatomical Products

Alle grote merken op gebied van anatomische producten verkrijgbaar bij Mullersport.


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Finger Goniometer, plastic
Goniometer, plastic
Chart “The equine musculature”
Chart “The equine skeleton”
Chart “The canine musculature”
Chart “The canine skeleton”
Chart The equine musculature, 70x100cm
Chart The equine skeleton, 70x100cm
Chart The canine musculature, 70x100cm
Chart The canine skeleton, 70x100cm
Airways, 24 pcs for Baby Anne
Lungs only for R12100
Airway insertion tool for Basic Buddy
Poster The Blood 50x70cm
Chart Urinary system
Chart Internal organs 50x70cm
Chart Dental anatomy 50x70cm
Chart Dermatomes, 50x70cm
Chart Trigger points, 50x70cm
Chart Foot and Ankle, 50x70cm
Chart The knee / The hip, 50x70cm