Anatomical Models

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Hoof Capsule
Foot of a horse as model - Model 1
Horse Front Leg with Scapula, articulated on Base
Horse foot, flexible
Advanced Equine Simulator
Equine Vascular Access Simulator
Mimicky Mouse
Replacement Ears for VET4210
Replacement Tail for VET4210
Mimolette Lab Rat
Critical Care Fluffy
Replacement lungs, pack of 72 pcs for VET4100 and VET4110
Replacement lungs, pack of 24 pcs for VET4100 and VET4110
Fluffy Feline CPR Manikin
Louie K9 Tracheostomy Model
K-9 Intubation Trainer
IM & SubQ Injection Pad
K-9 IV Trainer
Rufus Bandaging Manikin