EZ wounds – Casualty simulation set for standardized patients

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With this casualty simulation set you create extremely realistic wounds for standardized patients in a few minutes without having any make-up skills. With a short explanation the actors can attach the required wounds on themselves or on each other without the need of tutors spending their time for make-up. The molds included in this set can be filled with wound simulation compound many times. The filled molds are pressed onto the required wound position after the compound has dried, the wound adheres to the skin or the manikin without the need of glue. Add some of the supplied artificial blood and the wound is ready for use. For those who require extreme realism a flesh compound can be added into the wound to make it even more realistic. Wounds can be dressed several times, remove the dressing form the wound, wash away the blood and re-apply new blood. Ready for another turn. After finishing the training, the wounds can be easily removed and disposed. No need for cleaning and maintenance. Consumables like wound compound, flesh compound, fixation powder and artificial blood are available separately. The set includes a cut, a superficial and a deeper laceration, and an abrasion as well as a textile impression as for example a safety belt in a car would cause. For simulation of hematomas the set includes four skin colors. The set includes also wound compound, flesh compound, fixation powder, isopropanol, artificial blood, a spatula for applying the compounds and some cotton swabs for applying the blood. The perfect set for professional training in skills labs.

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