HeartiSense Basic

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HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter. It also uses tablet-based interactive graphics and audible feedback to increase student engagement and enable accurate and effective training and assessment. Instructors will be better equipped to monitor and manage their students. Students will learn faster and retain their skills longer. The HeartiSense kit is designed to have a thin and flexible shape so that it can be universally used for CPR training manikin models with separate skin. The kit measures the CPR activities of trainees and sends the data in real time to the mobile devices installed with the HeartiSense app. The HeartiSense kit measures the depth, speed, location, and relaxation of chest compression and the amount of artificial respiration, which are the primary CPR activities. With the apps, users can receive real-time feedback for CPR training, and some apps function for the monitoring and assessment of a number of trainees.

Available apps:

- HeartiSense Student-App designed for trainees

- HeartiSense Monitor-App designed for instructors

HeartiSense Basic includes Student-App.