Impulse Adjusting System

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The Impulse® Adjusting Instrument for International Use: Born out of revolutionary advances in science and technology. A decade of research and engineering contributes to theNew Wave technology.

Join the thousands who have made the switch to Impulse®. Click here to watch a video about the Impulse® instrument. Includes the dual stylus package, introductory DVD.

  • Plastic carrying case
  • Introductory DVD
  • Three stylus included
  • 10 foot cord
  • 90-240V 50-60 Hz.
  • Three force levels

Choice of Pearl White, Cobalt Blue


The unique functionality and performance of the new Impulse iQ® Adjusting Instrument shines with simplicity. Apply it to the dysfunctional area and the instrument thrusts at the ideal frequency to maximize motion while changing frequencies in real-time congruently as motion improves. Impulse iQ® has patented Auto-Sense® technology that senses when mobility is maximized ceasing the adjustment, and provides feedback of the patient’s response to the adjustment. There is nothing else like it in the marketplace at any price point.


Truth and authenticity go hand in hand with simplicity. Not every adjusting attempt is successful. No matter what the technique, sometimes patients guard during an adjustment, or your line of drive isn’€™t correct. Other times, a joint that is in an advanced stage of degeneration won€’t move much. We acknowledge this Truth and built the technology into Impulse iQ® that has you covered. We’ve developed audible indicators to let you know what is happening during the adjustment so you can make the necessary adjustments in your care €“ whether it be changing your segmental contact point or line of drive €“ to get the best results with your patients.‑e gentle thrust is faster than the body’€™s tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment.


A Single Beep indicates that the acceleration response has been maximized during the adjustment. Maximizing mobility is our definition of an adjustment!

A Double Beep denotes that the acceleration response has not yet been maximized and either further adjustment may be indicated or there is operator error.

NO Beep means that no increase in acceleration response has been sensed. Either your segmental contact point is wrong, your line of drive is off, or the given area is not receptive to changing it’s mobility.