IO Legs for CRISIS and CPARLENE manikins

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Designed to attach easily to any Adult CRiSis, CPARLENE, “Airway Larry,” or Adult Airway Management torsos or manikins. Use to enhance training of intraosseous infusion procedures using B.I.G.and EZ-IO devices or almost any other intraosseous infusion devices available and provides realistic resistance as the needle enters the bone. The leg is fluid capable, and a blood source is accessible through the injection site. Features palpable landmarks, replaceable bones and skin, and a pressurized system to allow aspiration of fluid. Included with the articulating legs with Intraosseous Infusion are 10 replaceable simulated bones, 4 replaceable skin pads, shorts, simulated blood, lubricating jelly, towels, I/O needle, and syringe with tubing.