Lloyd Galaxy Hylo


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Galaxy Hylo

The Favorite Workhorse of the Chiropractic Profession.

Standard features include hydraulic tilt from horizontal to 70 degrees, infinitely adjustable speed and hydraulic extension retraction. A chest lumbar drop with spring breakaway, Pelvic Drop, ankle drop, plus many more options are available. Also available on the Galaxy Hylo is the All-New Lloyd Total Response Drop system on all sections. The Lloyd Total Response Drop System features a one-piece chest cushion while offering a dorsal and lumbar drop that cock and drop individually.

 Standard Features

  • Hydraulically Controlled Hylo
  • Deluxe Adjustable Headpiece
  • One piece adjustable chest
  • Extension / Retraction of Length (Power)
  • Pelvic Separation
  • Adjustable Chest (vertical)
  • Adjustable Pelvic (vertical)
  • Tilt Safety Switch
  • Speed Adjustment for Hylo feature
  • Breakaway Chest

*Please Note, due to difference in monitors, colors shown may not be representative of actual material colors.

Galaxy Hylo Table Specifications

  • Height Range           18" to 28"
  • Fully Extended         84" long
  • Fully Retracted        76" long
  • Cushion Width         21"
  • Table Width              22"
  • Shipping Weight      400 lbs. (approx)
  • Actual Weight           350 lbs. (approx)

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