„Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator, Advanced

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Additional to the Functions and Features of the Complete „Lucy“ manikin the Advanced „Lucy“ is supplied with an IV training arm, a Blood pressure training arm and a Micro-preemie Newborn Simulator (Ref.no. BA95).

Includes all features and functions of „Lucy“ Basic.

Includes all features of package Complete:
- Large soft rolling carry case
- Complete Set of Clots and Hemorrhages, 5 - 1 each of small blood clot, medium blood clot, large blood clot, perineal hemorrhage, and hemorrhage blood pool
- Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator (Ref.no. BA96)

Additional features of package Advanced:
- Blood Pressure Arm
- IV Arm
- Micro-Preemie Simulator (Ref.no. BA95)