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Nervo-Scope 9 

Nervo-Scope® reliably detects and measures minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. The instrument can be used comfortably for both pre and post adjustment assessment.
Nervo-Scope® is built to withstand the rigors of continual cleaning and disinfecting. A large meter scale with a fluorescent pointer makes even the smallest temperature change easy to read. The sensing detectors can be adjusted from 0.6” wide to 2.1” wide to accommodate infants and adults.
Each Nervo-Scope® includes a foam-padded carrying case and cleaning brush. All of the ETS series Nervo-Scopes are protected by a full two-year warranty against workmanship and defective components.
Nervo-Scope® ETS-9 is  a stand alone version. The ETS-9 is for use in applications where chart recording is not necessary.
The ETS-9 is not compatible with the Analagraph®  Recorder.


  • Meter - Our taut-band meter construction assures continual durability and reliability.
  • Large Scale - For fast readings with large pointer for easy tracking.
  • Comfort Glide Caps - Self lubricated for smooth, easy glides.
  • Highly Sensitive Detectors - Capable of picking up temperature changes as little as 0.02°F.
  • Adjustable Detector Width - Capable of adjusting from 0.6“ wide to 2.1” wide.
  • Function Reliability - All components used are selected for their long-term reliable performance and stability.
  • Auto-Power On/Off - One easy-touch button powers the instrument. After three minutes of non-use, the unit will automatically power off.
  • Multiple Sensitivity Settings - The ETS-6 features six sensitivity settings.
  • Durable Construction - Easy-use design molded from mineral-filled nylon for durability, chemical resistance and non-slip surface.