PAT Pediatric Auscultation Trainer

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PAT, the Pediatric Auscultation Trainer has listening points at the correct anatomical locations, as well as heart sounds at different rates for comparison (Example: Atrial Septal Defect at 75bm and 90 bm). PAT provides interactive instruction and learning in all educational environments.

Sounds Library includes 44 different heart sounds at different rates for comparison.
Extensive library even includes Eisenmenger‘s Syndrome, Ebstein‘s Anomaly and Venous Hum.

Also includes 17 Pediatric Lung Sounds, 4 Heart/Lung sounds, palpation and 3 Pediatric Bowel Sounds.

- Lightweight and portable

- Students use their own Stethoscope

- Variable heart and respiration rate

- Phonocardiogram

- Smart classroom/auditorium ready

- Customized volume adjustments

- Online student learning and assessment modules