Prestan AED Trainer

SKU: MSM_R19500
EAN: 4250395313575

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€ 263,54

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This AED trainer offers everything you expect from an AED trainer. Platform independent, rugged, economically priced, and with low consumables cost it is the perfect AED trainer for everyone doing AED training. It comes with two languages (English/German), which can be switched easily pressing a button. Pre-programmed scenarios cover the whole range of training. The teacher can pause the scenario at any time to comment the training. The scenario continues at the same position after pause function is deactivated. The model contains the current guidelines and can be updated at any time by simply changing the easy to replace module. The pads do have a sensor indicating
whether they are attached or not. Each pad can be used 25 to 30 times before it is replaced. Exchanging the pad is easy because of a simple connecting system. Easily switch from automatic or semi-automatic mode to match the AED on site. The AED trainer is operated with normal batteries. Supplied with carry bag and manual.