Resusci Anne Advanced Skill Trainer, SimPad capable

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Wireless training model for MegaCode training. The model is designed for team training. Adittionally to the BLS features it offers all classical Megacode features like defibrillation, ECG pacing, intubation, iv access and other advanced life support actions.

System components:

- Female full body manikin

- Airway-management head, turnable

- IV-arm

- removeable soft foam leg

- Wireless control unit SimPad controls vital signs (included)

- Operated on batteries or 220V power converter

- USB-port

- Including Laerdal PC SkillReporting System, for CPR evaluation at the PC (runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)

System accessories:

- USB-cable for data transfer between Megacodetrainer and PC

- adapter for hard paddles

- transport case

- artificial blood

- lubricant

- tools

- manual

Options and functions:

- MegaCode-trainer runs on power converter or batteries, allowing full mobility in all kind of changing training environments.

- Wireless control unit SimPad with color display for control of all functions via WIFI

Airway management:

- Airway-management-head turns and has correct anatomy for advanced airway management.

- Resuscitation with bag/mask or airway devices (endotracheal tube, LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway), Combitube®, Güdel, Wendel etc.)

- Physiological correct carotid pulse on both sides

- Lungs sounds can be auscultated

- BLS training according to 2010 guidelines with evaluation by included SkillReporting Software (runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)

- Thorax flexibility for cardiac compression and chest thump

- Multi vein IV-arm for puncture of peripheral arm- and hand veins; skin and vein system can be used several times and can be changed.

- Data base with multiple ECG rhythms

- EKG-monitoring with 4-leads at the thorax; standard ECG monitors / defibrillators can be used

- Defibrillation is possible with manual defibrillators or AEDs; normal mono- or biphasic defibrillators can be used

- Simulation of ECG rhythms and pulse are controlled via SimPad

With large ECG database:

- Comprehensive documentation and evaluation of CPR training using Laerdal PC SkillReporting Software

- Documentation of training process, several turns can be stored separately in the MegaCode-trainer without connecting to the PC

NEW: Voice sounds with optional headset: speech transmission to manikin, speech transfer to built-in head speaker.

NEW: Monitoring of vital signs with optional patient monitor.

Possible extensions:

- Optional BLS-head for basic resuscitation (mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-nose) with sanitary system available

- Optional Resusci Anne trauma-module with different injuries of arms and legs available

- Optional trauma-limbs of other models can be combined

- Optional simulated patient monitor

- Optional headset

If you order this product, you have to order also the SimPad ( P210), the LLEAP Licence ( P211) as well as the installation and training course on site ( R20200A). It is not possible to order this item without these services.