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Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso
Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Full Body without electronics
Replacement Trachea Set Child (6 pcs) for R10723
Infant Airway Trainer
Baby Anne with carry bag
Face skins, 6 pcs for Baby Anne
Infant Chocking Manikin
Difficult Airway Management Simulator
Choking Torso Child
Intubation Trainer AirSim Bronchi
AirSim Baby
Airways, 24 pcs for Baby Anne
Child CPR/Airway Management Torso
Replacement Neck Skin (6 pcs) for R10723
Replacement Trachea Set Adult (6 pcs) for R10723
Cricotracheotomy Trainer
Intubation Trainer AirSim Multi
S.A.L.A.D. Simulator
Choking Torso Adult
Tracheotomy – moulage
Demonstration Model Difficult Airway Management