Adult Dolls

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Advanced IV Training arm for R17600
GERi geriatric care doll
KERi nursing care doll
Advanced GERi geriatric care doll
KERi nursing care doll, basic
Edema foot with deep tissue injury for GERI/KERI
Nursing Anne Nursing Manikin, SimPad capable
SimPad PLUS System complete, without Software license
Amputation Stump for bandaging for R17600
Clinical Chloe Advanced Patient Care Simulator
Arm for intravenous injection for GERi/KERi Doll
Blood pressure measurement arm for GERI/KERI Doll
Face mask elderly person for R16228
Nursing doll Keiko
Male genital for R16228
GERi geriatric care doll, basic
Pressure Ulcer Foot for GERI/KERI
Nursing Doll, Standard Version
Nursing doll, Basic Version
Clinical Chloe Patient Care Simulator
LLEAP License for SimPad PLUS