Nursing Dolls

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GERi geriatric care doll
KERi nursing care doll
Advanced GERi geriatric care doll
Premature Infant Model, 30 week old boy
Premature Infant Model, 24 week old boy
Nursing Kid SimPad capable
Wound assessment and care module Nursing Anne
Advanced IV Training arm for R17600
Intraosseous Leg for R17700
Umbillical catheterisation for R17700
Intraosseous infusion system for R17710
Neonate doll for Physiotherapy
Parent Education Baby, male
Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator
Amputation Stump for bandaging for R17600
Nursing Newborn
Injection Training arm for R17700
Stoma sites with reservoirs for R17700
One Year Pediatric Care Simulator
Intraosseous infusion system for R17720
KERi nursing care doll, basic