X-Ray / CT

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Chest phantom for X-ray and CT
CT Abdomen Phantom
Sectional X-ray phantom with artificial bones - Thorax, opaque
Hand with fractures for use with R16900
Newborn Whole Body X-ray Phantom
X-Ray Phantom Lower Arm, opaque
X-Ray Phantom Knee, transparent
X-Ray Phantom Elbow, opaque
X-ray phantom head, opaque
X-Ray Phantom Lower Arm, transparent
X-Ray Phantom Foot, opaque
X-Ray phantom pelvis, transparent
X-Ray Phantom Knee, opaque
X-Ray Phantom Spine
X-ray phantom spine, opaque
X-ray phantom head with cervical vertebrae, transparent
X-ray phantom head, transparent
X-ray phantom shoulder, transparent
Chest Plates for R16511
Angiographic head model
Whole Body CT Phantom