Medical Simulators

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Stan Stage IV Pressure Ulcer Model
Gynecological Training Manikin
GYN/AID Gynaecological Simulator
Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso
Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer Full Body without electronics
Portable IV Arm Trainer
Replacement Trachea Set Child (6 pcs) for R10723
Infant Airway Trainer
Catheterisation Simulator, female
Infant Male and Female Catheterisation Trainer
Cervical Dilatation and Effacement Simulators
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Module
Child heart and lung sounds auscultation trainer
Facial Suturing Module Set
Male & Female Catheterisation Model Set
Ostomy Care Training Models Set
Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Trainers
Nursing Care Moulage Kit
Simulated Burns 2nd degree (superficial)
Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit
Puncture site skin insert for R11051