Anatomical Models

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GERi geriatric care doll
KERi nursing care doll
Advanced GERi geriatric care doll
Age Simulation Set XL version
Transparent Laryngopharynx Model
Tracheostomy management simulator
Optional small intestine extension (Semi-difficult version) for LM107
Female catheterisation model
Veins (10 pcs) for LM28
Pregnancy examination model with heartbeat simulation
Breast care and massage model
Premature Infant Model, 30 week old boy
Premature Infant Model, 24 week old boy
Matching lower torso for simulation modules
Pericardiocentesis Site for LM93
Arm Muscles, 7-part
Hand anatomy structure model
Back Muscle Model, 4-part
Nursing Kid SimPad capable
Wound assessment and care module Nursing Anne
OphthoSim – Eye examination simulator