Anatomical Products

Alle grote merken op gebied van anatomische producten verkrijgbaar bij Mullersport.


245 resultaten - huidige 1 to 21.
Extra long tubes for R10077
Transparent skin for daylight use of R10086
Airway Systems for Basic Buddy
Life size normal clear ear
Artery with 4 artery sections
Male pelvis section, reduced size
Kidney model, life size
Kidney Stone Model
Diseases of bladder and prostate
Kidney model, 2 times life size
Uterus with diseases
Condom Training model, white skin colour
Parent Education Baby, male
Dental caries model, 10 times life size
Chinese acupuncture figure, female
Acupuncture horse
Lumbar spine with pelvis and femoral stumps
Female pelvis with sacrum