Nursing doll Keiko

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Levertijd: 6-11 werkdagen

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This nursing doll offers all training opportunities for basic patient care and has soft limbs with invisible joints at knee, ankle, elbow and wrist.
The complete training opportunities include:

- General patient positioning, re-positioning, assistance for getting up and for wheelchair access.
- Passive physiotherapy
- Body hygiene, washing, nappy change, skin care
- Decubitus care (heel, great trochanter, sacrum and shoulder)
- Dressing and undressing
- Hair care (wig)
- Oral and dental hygiene
- Gastric probe insertion, PEG
- Nasotracheal intubation (Tube insertion)
- Airway suctioning
- Tracheostomy care / tube change
- Attachment of stoma bag
- CVC care / explanation
- Catheterization male / female (without liquid)
- Enema insertion (without liquid)
- Oxygen inhalation
- Suppository insertion
- Postmortem care

The model has a high quality finish and is sturdy. It is perfect for daily use in schools.

Size: 149 cm, Weight: 15 kg