SimShirt System

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The SimShirt is a garment worn by a Standardized Patient (SP) for simulating physiological conditions to test students and examine their diagnostic and procedural skills. SimShirt provides a second choice to wearing the RFID sensor tags required by the SimScope. Instead of wearing individual RFID sensor tags adhered to bare skin, the tags are integrated inside the SimShirt. The SimShirt system has multiple uses in simulation. It can be worn by a Standardized Patient or also by a high-fidelity manikin. You can program the SimScope to play desired sounds from our vast sound library
which is already embedded in the SimScope tablet. Once the standardized patient wears the SimShirt, the SimScope will read the RFID sensor tags placed within the SimShirt and your students will hear the programmed sounds of your choice through the scope. Customers who already own a SimScope can separately purchase several SimShirts or the tablet for their simulation labs.


- Simple one-on-one Student/Patient interaction

- No standardized patient training required

- Ideal for Standardized Patients & OSCE programs

- Listen at anatomical correct auscultation sites

- Reusable and washable

- SimShirt available in various sizes

SimShirt System consists of SimShirt, SimScope, and tablet with software.