SmartMan Neonate with Software

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Pediatric CPR with Accurate Real Time Feedback. A full body baby manikin with an excellent look and feel. Accurate for even very low volumes of air.

It features the award winning real time feedback system:

- Compressions (Depth, Rate, Release, Too Deep, Hitting the Spine)

- Ventilations (Volume and Rate)

- CPR (Suitable for Two Hand Method and In Arm Method)

Focus On Ventilations

- Lung Sizes (Choose multiple lung capacities Single click to set size)

- Volume Control (Feel how different volumes are used on different size babies. See full feedback)

- Rate Control (Accurate feedback for even very low volumes. See air on ventimeter as it flows into the lungs)

- Improve Tidal Flow (Shows in and out movement of air and proper release of the BVM)

Manikin simulates 4 weeks old baby.