Stan Stage IV Pressure Ulcer Model

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Designed for teaching and training with vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices, this model features a large sacral Stage IV pressure ulcer, with eschar, subcutaneous fat, undermining, tunneling, slough, eschar and exposed bone (with osteomyelitis) and a Stage III pressure ulcer with subcutaneous fat and granulation tissue. The large size and depth of the Stage IV pressure ulcer, as well as the undermining and tunneling, make it ideal for practicing the proper dressing and preparation of a large wound for use with a negative pressure wound therapy device. The Stage III pressure ulcer is positioned so that the Stage IV can be dressed by itself or a "bridging" dressing can be applied to the Stage IV and Stage III to demonstrate and practice this skill.
Size: 23 x 23 x 11.5 cm, weight: 1 kg