Tepper Wedge


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€ 170,00

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The original TepperWedge was designed with the initial intent of assisting the Doctor of Chiropractic, or other Physical Medicine practitioners around the world in manipulating vertebral joints during the anterior to posterior maneuvers, during which the doctors hand becomes the fulcrum of dynamically moving pressures.

The patented features of the original TepperWedge and the new T-Wedge 2, mimics the support mechanism of the hand and alleviates about 70-90% of the pressure load off the Doctors hand and wrist. This helps to circumvent injuries to the hands and wrists, due to the repetitive micro-trauma of everyday practice or caused by the really heavy patient that challenges the strenght and endurance in overloading the Doctors hand. And each Doctor has his or her own level of strenght and pain tolerance.

Specifications: one size fits all.