Thompson European Series


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You are invited to attend a seminar designed to teach, inspire and help you perfect your understanding and use of the Thompson Technique. The seminar will be presented by the president of the Thompson Technique Foundation, Dr Robert D. Jackson, who was himself a 17 year student of the technique’s founder, Dr. J. Clay Thompson.

Dr Jackson has been teaching and inspiring Chiropractors all over the world for the last three decades.

Dr Jackson will teach the complete Thompson-Derefield (leg length) examination and analysis protocol. He will present basic through advanced Thompson Technique adjusting procedures that have been added or modified based on the Thompson Technique Foundation board. He will also instruct on how to designate those conditions which may present contraindications to chiropractic care or specific modifications to adjusting in specific areas based on presentation of findings such as spondylolisthesis, pregnancy or pathology.

This classroom and lab presentation will include hands on instruction of the Thompson Technique materials including leg check analysis, the 5 basic categories and variations that occur in each analysis, rotated sacrum, the lumbar spine, the dorsal spine, the cervical spine and extremities. It will also include modifications for pediatric, geriatric and pregnancy.


This is a 12 CE hour, advanced full spine, costal and reflex adjusting technique, dealing with the location and correction of subluxations of the spinal column and their immediate articulations. Physical and radiographic manifestations of the operational features of the Thompson Technique Class review the basic operational features of the Thompson Terminal-Point full spine adjusting table. Included in the course, Dr. Jackson will teach the basic spinal balance (leg length) examination procedure. He will present advanced Thompson Technique adjusting procedures not covered in the undergraduate curriculum. Dr. Jackson will instruct on how to designate those conditions, which may present contraindications to chiropractic care or contraindications to adjusting in a specific area of pathology.

Seminars will start at:

Friday Evening, 18:00 - 22:00 (EU Time )

Saturday,          09:00 - 17:00 (EU Time)


  • The Frankfurt Connection     13 - 14 March 2020 Holiday Inn Frankfurt - Alte Oper, Mainzer Landstraße 27, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
  • The Final                            (17 - 18 April 2020 Hotel to be announced)

Each seminar can be visited as stand-alone, but to get the certification you need to visit all three seminars.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To instruct doctors of Chiropractic in the basic through advanced analysis and application of the Thompson Technique, with examples of extremity and pediatric modifications relevant to contemporary chiropractic practice.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Basic through advanced Thompson Technique information will be provided with practical demonstrations, hands-on instruction and a visual PowerPoint presentation to help doctors become proficient and eligible for certification in the Thompson technique.