Wound assessment and care module Nursing Anne

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Accessory for P150 and P152, not for separate use.
- Abdominal Incision Module with Painted Sutures
- Abdominal Incision Module with Staples and Penrose Drain
- Abdominal Incision Module with Nylon Sutures and Penrose Drain
- Abdominal Subcutaneous Heparin and Insulin Injection Module
- Abdominal Packing Module
- Infected Colostomy Stoma
- Ventro-Gluteal and Gluteal Decubitus Ulcer Modules
- Below Knee Amputation Stump
- Thigh Packing and Irrigation Module
- Thigh Suture Module
- Thigh Debridement Module
- Varicose Vein Leg with Stasis Ulcer
- Diabetic Foot Module