Zenith 95 Full Spine F/D Elevation Table


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Zenith 95 Full Spine F/D Elevation Table

This elevation flexion distraction table quietly raises at the touch of a button, and offers many other exclusive backsaving features.

  • Features:
  • Fixed Cervical Headpiece & Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Pivotal Thoracic Locks in any Position
  • Caudal Flexion/Distraction w/ Leaf Spring Design & Tension Indicator
  • Power Balance System (motor pre-loads spring tension in caudal rotation)
  • Manual Caudal Assist Handle
  • Remote Footswitch and 'Optional' Dual Buttons under cushion
  • Lateral Flexion Locks in any Position
  • Axial Rotation Locks in any Position (not available w/ drop option)
  • Circumduction Combines Lateral and Vertical Flexion
  • Manual Plane Traction Adjusts Table Length
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest w/ ankle cuffs & Dual Control Levers on Either Side
  • Lumbar Roll & Sensation Upholstery
  • Platinum Base Color

Table Specification

  • Length 79.5” to 89.5”,
  • Heights Varies 22” to 32”,
  • Width 21”,
  • Cushion Width 21”,
  • Weight 320 lbs.

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