Anatomical Models

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Internal Organs, 2-part
Intestinal Villi, 100 times life-size
Feline Elbow/Shoulder
Feline Heart/Lung
Replacement Ears for VET4210
Replacement Tail for VET4210
Replacement lungs, pack of 72 pcs for VET4100 and VET4110
Fluffy Feline CPR Manikin
Femoral leg bone fracture - Option for VET4000, VET4010 and VET4020
Manikin face shields, roll of 36 pcs for VET4000, VET4010 and VET4020
Replacement lungs, 72 pcs pack for VET4000, VET4010 and VET4020
Guinea pig skull
Cat skeleton, unassembled
Dog Skeleton, unassembled, middle size dog
Dog Skeleton, unassembled, small size dog
Airway Systems for VET2500
Median section of a dog head
Canine heart, life size
Canine ear, healthy/diseased
Canine Jaw healthy/diseased