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Gynecological Training Manikin
GYN/AID Gynaecological Simulator
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Module
48 hour postpartum uterus for R10183
Uteri with externally palpable abnormal pathologies for R10188
Postpartum uterus for R10183
Vulva with integrated fistula model
Complete Set of Specialized Examination Modules for R10940
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) Module
Gynecological Examination Simulator
Set of seven uteri for R10183
ZOE Gynecological Skills Trainer
Advanced Pelvic Examination and Gynecological Simulator
Post-Menopause Module
Female genital organs
Vulva-Casts showing antomical differences
Gynaecologic Simulator
Set of seven uteri for R10183
Hysteroscopy Simulator
ZACK Multipurpose Male Care Simulator
Uteri with normal and abnormal internal pathologies for R10188