Subluxation Degeneration Model


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The Most Effective Teaching Tool in Chiropractic for those who case manage any type of disc injuries or conditions!

NEWLY UPGRADED to reflect the 2016 research based nomenclature changes in describing disc injuries.

This is the only model in the world to reflect the correct classification of the differences between a bulging disc, the variances of herniated discs, including protruded and extruded discs and is completed with degenerated or desiccated discs based on consensus of the most current literature findings.

If you provide spinal decompression, case manage any type of disc presentations, or provide expert opinions or testimony regarding disc conditions, this tool is a must have for patient, attorney or jury education.

You can now explain with confidence  what is wrong with the involved disc levels and the degenerative process that they are, or will be going through based on Wolff’s law.

A must have for every treatment room in your office!


  • Bones the size of a 200lb. male illustrate the bones, discs, and nerves in high detail to show disc variations and degenerative process in greater detail.
  • The only model with the latest examples of healthy, bulging, protruding, and extruding herniated discs.
  • See how the vertebral motor units go through a loss of height in the degenerative process, allowing you to explain to your patients why they “get shorter” as they age.
  • Enhanced examples of spinal stenosis and neurological compromise based on disc bulging, protrusion, extrusion, and degeneration.
  • The included card behind the vertebra includes call-outs so patients can look and learn while not directly engaging the doctor for answers.