Zenith 230-Plus, PIERCE Hylo-3D Headpiece, 4Drops & Key Dimension Pelvic Section

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The New Zenith 230-Plus, PIERCE Hylo-3D Headpiece, 4Drops & Key Dimension Pelvic  Section

This HYLO offers a unique and seeemless integration of the PIERCE 3D Key Dimension headpiece, 4 drops and a specially designed and constructed Key Dimension Pelvic Positioning section suitable for both instrument and manual adjusting.

Standard Features:

  • Key Dimension Headpiece positions patients for 3rd dimension and cervical adjusting
  • 4 Terminal Point Drops: Cervical, Thoracic, Absominal & Pelvic
  • Universal Headraiser raises or tilts for ideal set-up
  • Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Soft Hinged Dorsal
  • Swingaway Abdominal- Single Tension
  • Slide & Crank Pelvic
  • Adjustable Front Section &Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Dual Footswitches for easy access up, down, and stop
  • Front mounted up, down, and stop switches
  • Sensation Upholstery in a variety of colors
  • Black crinkle powder coat finish

Table Specifications:

  • Table Length 78”
  • Table Height 22”, 24”, 26”, or 28”
  • Table Width 24”
  • Cushion Width 18”
  • Table Weight 395 lbs. depending on options

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